About Us

Creating the Best Sports Analysis Software

We are a team of Passionate Sports enthusiasts with 50+ man-years of experience in:

– Data Science & Management


-Creating Digital Twins

-AI & ML, Software Development

-Understanding/ evaluating of Human Behaviour

Our Mission

To create the ‘Best in Industry’ tools that help our subscribers with:

-Statistical Data & Analysis of Players & Teamson-the-fly

-Human Behavioural Patterns of Players

-Forecast Models for External factors

-Scouting New Talent

-Auction Decision Making

-Predictions for Fantasy Players & Fans

Who We Are

Our Leadership Team has Industry Experts in addition to Consultants from various Sports & Technologies

Amitabh Chaturvedi

Amitabh Chaturvedi

Chief Development Officer

Janardhan Parthasarathy

Janardhan Parthasarathy

Chief Technology Officer

Vivek Pai

Vivek Pai

Chief Marketing Officer