Introducing Cryptanalyst India

Sports Decoded With Technology

We are the Codebreakers unraveling secrets of Team Games using Software Technologies.

Data available is broken into various elements, quantified, hidden patterns discovered & relationships understood to create knowledge that can give meaningful Insights & Predictions


These are the Team Sports we have started with. We plan to extend this to other team sports shortly.


We cover all short formats of Cricket.


Most Local and International Tournaments are covered.


Major Leagues of Football are analysed .


All Leagues are under consideration.


We have a modular approach to the various tools we have created and you can choose the most suited applications based on your requirements.

Statistical Data

Cleaned Data is available at the finest Granularity based on requirements

Game Analysis

Multiple Analytical & Software tools are used to create accurate analysis

Players Behavioural Patterns

Players’ on-field reactions are quantified and predictions are made

External Factors Models

Models are created for Dew, Humidity, Pitch & Ground conditions, Weather

Talent Scouting

We create specific lists of Talent most suited to meet your requirements

Auction Draft

Database with analyses of players easily retrievable to help fast decisions

SelectMy11 for Fantasy Players!

To fulfil specific requirements of Fantasy Game players, we have created SelectMy11.

In this we share Fantasy related analysis, Predictions and Winning Dream Teams as per the requiments.


Based on the voice of our prospective customers, we have ensured the following are a part of their experience.


Quick to install and open using various phones, tablets, laptops & desktops.


The views on the user interface are as per your needs & are easily changeable to suit your changing requirements.

UI Elements

Easily understandable pictorial representations & comparative graphics that can be easily shared, printed or used in presentations.

Clean Code

Commonly used platform base that is stable and easy to use.


Various security features are used in the background to ensure that your data is Safe and Secure.

Free Updates

Our Subscription ensures free and regular updates to meet the ever-changing landscape of the virtual world.